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About Us

We have all had those moments when you’re by yourself and you reflect on where you’ve been, where you are going, and how you got to this mile marker. During one of those thought provoking moments the idea of starting something to share with family, friends, and strangers that could make a difference along with telling a story was underway.

Ideas of how to include the strong brotherly bond that is present in our relationship and have it appeal to people we’ve never met were bounced back and forth, evolving from one to the next. Each idea had two common attributes: wanting to make sure we stayed true to our upbringing and attempt to positively impact others in the goods we produce....

 And TigerBear Industries was formed.

 Why the name TigerBear Industries you ask? We wanted to share that brotherly bond, Tiger and Bear, our childhood nicknames. Alex represents Tiger and Cory represents Bear. To this day, our family still refers to us by those names and now we are sharing that with our new family; our customers and supporters. As for the industries, the thought was not to limit ourselves to a name containing ‘clothing’ or ‘apparel’ considering we are passionate about so much more. Our apparel line will absolutely be our staple, but ultimately, our future strategy is to share our story through other Industries that we are passionate about. 

Our multi-use shirt is designed to share a story that is important not only to us at TigerBear but hopefully to you as well. Printed on the inside of our shirts, you will find a positive message that has impacted us in some way providing inspiration, motivation, or encouragement along our journey. Our wish is that as you walk through your routine of deciding what to wear, the challenge is made easier with our clothing being your go to for that positive difference maker. We encourage you to make the most of each day while feeling comfortable.

Like everyone in this world, we have our own people, influences, and experiences we rely on when life comes at us full speed. However, there are items we all go to in those tough situations. It could music, a book, a memory, or a place. At TigerBear Industries, we wanted to add another ‘go to’ and that is a piece of apparel that invokes positive thinking and feelings that help you every day.

A lot to read we know, one last thing that we would like to leave with you, our motto we want everyone to think of when you see, wear, or use the TigerBear name....

Clothing that helps you feel good from the inside out!